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Ball of twine 'essential' for caravanners

Posted by Linda Davidson

Caravan taps owners heading off on a caravan holiday should travel with a ball of twine, an expert has advised.

Writing for Stuff Magazine, travel expert Cameron Williamson, said that natural twine is an indispensible tool for any camping or caravanning trip, as there are few breakages that cannot be fixed by twine.

He urged caravanners to encourage their "inner boy scout or girl guide" by creating a handy washing line or binding together manuka staves into a camp kitchen.

Mr Williamson also highlighted the importance of bungie cords for caravan taps owners as they can be used to perform miracles when rigging and securing flailing canvas sheets in difficult weather conditions.

Caravanners were also urged to take rubbish bags, to ensure they could leave the caravan site as they found it, and a box of dry matches to make sure they are equipped for any situation which may arise.

Ramblers, the walking charity recently urged holidaymakers to think about their travel health, what to take in case of emergencies and how to can keep safe on holiday.