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Be aware of food and drink risks, holidaymakers warned

Posted by Greg Throughton

Anyone planning a getaway with their Cramer caravan hobs and cookers needs to be careful about eating foreign food, it has been claimed.

Annette Fox, spokeswoman for Churchill Travel Insurance, said that many people suffer from a mild stomach upset while on holiday but warned that more serious illnesses can also be contracted from eating and drinking contaminated food and water in some countries.

She advised travellers to find out in advance if the local tap water is suitable to drink.

"If not, use bottled water, even for brushing your teeth, and avoid ice cubes or eating fruit or vegetables that you cannot peel yourself. Make sure that your food is piping hot and has been freshly prepared," Ms Fox recommended.

Some 83 per cent of holidaymakers claim to be shunning British food while overseas in favour of local delicacies.

One in four will even bring home local ingredients, while a further 25 per cent will try to recreate foods they've eaten on holiday.