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Be vigilant in built up areas

Posted by Freddy Morton

As the summer holidays draw to a close, motorists and owners of Waeco caravan fridges has been urged to take care on residential roads and those near schools.

Car manufacturer Peugeot has said that many modern vehicles are now equipped with speed limiters which can be set by the driver.

This electronically prevents drivers from exceeding the limit that they have set and, Peugeot claims, will make them drive more safely, achieve better fuel economy and protect their licence if they use it to be extra vigilant around schools at peak times.

Morgan Lecoupeur, director of marketing for Peugeot UK, said that a 20mph speed limit in built up areas or near schools is wise.

"However, maintaining 20mph or lower in a modern car is taxing in itself, but in truth it needn't have to be due to speed limiters fitted to most new models. Once a desired speed is set, our system prevents the driver from exceeding that velocity," he said.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists recently revealed that many drivers would be in favour of reduced limits in appropriate areas.