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Belgium is a popular getaway

Posted by Greg Throughton

People with Propex caravan water heaters planning a trip to Europe should consider driving to Belgium.

A spokeswoman from ABTA – The Travel Association said that Belgium is a popular destination for Brits as it is easily accessible.

"There are several cities in Belgium which provide major attractions to the UK market. Bruges, Gwent and Brussels are really the top ones," she explained.

The range of food on offer, as well as the stunning old city of Gwent and the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, mean there is something for everyone, the spokeswoman said.

"Christmas markets are the other thing that people go to Belgium for, [as well as for] the chocolates and diamonds," she added.

Visitors in the next two weeks will also have the benefit of catching the tail end of Belgium's carnival season.

The Carnival of Tournai is being hosted from April 1st to 2nd and Carnival of Laetare is running from April 2nd to 4th.