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Car maintenance 'needs to be regular'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Motorists with Comet caravan taps have been advised that it is important to stay on top of car maintenance.

Waynne Smith, senior partner at TorqueCars.com, said that there are a number of things that should be checked annually while others need to be continuously maintained.

"Brake fluid should be checked annually and changed if it shows degradation. Whilst bad brake fluid may stop a car when [its] cold, it causes fade as the brakes warm up and can be quite treacherous. Most spark plugs would also need to be changed annually, or at least inspected and cleaned," he said.

However, tread depth needs to be checked regularly, he warned, as a number of motorists are driving around on illegal tyres.

Mr Smith recommended that tyre tread be no lower than 2mm in the dry, while wet weather may need the traction provided by 3mm.

Vlad Samarin, editor of Samarins.com, agreed that car maintenance is essential and urged people to deal with problems as soon as they arise.