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Caravan crime to be tackled by new working group

Posted by Greg Throughton

Caravan rooflights owners will be delighted to hear that a new working group has been launched, in a move to prevent caravan related crime.

The Caravan Safety and Security Group (CSSG) has been formed by the Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS), the National Caravan Club (NCC), the Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan Club.

For consumers, the CSSG will focus on safety and security related matters, to help and protect the owners of caravans and motor homes by promoting good practice.

A new website has been set up to keep caravan rooflights owners informed of the latest technology which can be used to fight caravan crime and increase safety.

Robert Louden, committee chairman and director general of the Camping and Caravanning Club, said: "It has become increasingly important to find an effective solution to help consumers feel informed on all security decisions."

John Lally, director general of the NCC, added that the industry is now on the offensive and the CSSG will help pool knowledge and share resources which will help tackle caravan crime.

In other safety news, the New South Wales government is moving to protect mobile home residents by making smoke alarms mandatory in all caravans.