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Caravan holidays are 'surprisingly fun'

Posted by Freddy Morton

People looking at buying Morco caravan water heaters have been told they may be surprised by how much they enjoy a caravan holiday.

Louise Wood, spokesperson for the National Caravan Council (NCC), said that people are often surprised by the amount of nature they encounter on a caravan trip.

"You might find quite a lot of wildlife that perhaps you weren't expecting, because some of the parks pay a lot of attention to creating wildlife areas and attracting wildlife. So you might find some wild birds, [and] you might find some sites will organise something like bat walks," she said.

Ms Wood added that caravan holidays still have a bit of a stigma attached to them as people think they will be bored, stuck inside in the rain, but insisted that most caravans are the height of luxury these days, with digital TVs and DVD players.

Recently, Stuart Bensusan, co-founder and head of sales for Essential Travel, warned those taking a UK holiday that they still need travel insurance.