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Caravan interior decor takes off

Posted by Greg Throughton

The rise of the staycation has led to an increase in people investing money in their caravans and caravan hobs and cookers, according to an interior design store.

Terrys Fabrics has revealed that shabby seat covers and dusty blankets have become a thing of the past as people spend more doing up their caravans and a couture trend is taking off.

It explained that more and more people have been approaching the store seeking out an interior design service specifically for their caravans.

The most popular trends include the mix of neutral tones with bold colours and prints, it found.

Director of Terrys Fabrics Paul McGuinness said that the change illustrates how important caravans are becoming to families.

"They haven't just bought them to use until the economy is on a firmer footing and they can afford to holiday abroad again, they’ve actually become a big part of people's leisure time," he said.

Actor Matthew McConaughey has spoken to the press previously about his love of doing up caravans.