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Caravan market 'gaining confidence'

Posted by Linda Davidson.

class="dnautolink">Caravan taps
owners will be interested to
learn that consumer demand for big leisure items has surged,
suggesting that buyer confidence is improving.

According to figures from GE Capital's Big Ticket Leisure Index,
quoted by the Daily Telegraph, spending on "big-ticket" items such
as caravans and motor homes has risen significantly for the first
time since a period of slump.

The figures show that demand for goods increased by 22.3 per
cent in June, when compared to the same period last year.

In August 2009 demand for such products had fallen by 35 per
cent from January 2008, but is now only 28 per cent down.

According to the news provider, GE Capital said the figures
could indicate that confidence is high because big, expensive
leisure items depend on some optimism on behalf of the consumer, in
terms of long-term disposable income.

"You are never going to need to buy these things," a spokesman
for the group said.

Those caravan refrigeration customers who have just invested in
a caravan will be interested to know that several UK caravan sites
have been boosted by significant funding recently.