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Caravan owners get key cooking tips

Posted by Linda Davidson

As caravan season starts again, individuals have been given cooking tips on how to create a feast on their Spinflo caravan cookers & hobs.

Many caravan owners are likely to be planning a getaway in the coming weeks as temperatures are expected to hit the 20s this weekend and there are two four-day weekends to enjoy later this month.

However, a common problem with an otherwise enjoyable caravan holiday is how to create exciting meals for the family on Spinflo caravan cookers & hobs without much space to store ingredients.

Eva Stovern, a keen caravanner and the author of three caravan cook books, told ABC Melbourne that she has perfected the art of creating culinary delights with only a two-ring burner.

She recommended that caravanners invest in a thermal cooking pot to allow them to create tasty casseroles with only 20 minutes preparation using a single dish.

Ms Stovern added that the benefit of making these slow-cooking one-pot dishes is that they can often cook on the move, allowing weary travellers to enjoy a hot meal when they stop.