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Caravan owners should be vigilant against thieves

Posted by Linda Davidson

Owners of Spinflo Caravan hobs and cookers have been warned to about making their home a target for thieves while they are away on holiday.

According to the Doncaster Star, opportunistic burglars are targeting homes which normally have caravans parked on the drive, the absence of which indicates that the house is empty.

Neighbourhood Watch coordinators and local police are urging owners of Spinflo Caravan hobs and cookers to be on their guard against such attacks by making sure their homes are thoroughly secured.

Police in North Hertfordshire have also issued similar advice.

Speaking to the Hertfordshire Advertiser, officers advised holidaymakers to give their homes a 'lived-in' appearance in order to put off burglars.

They suggested using timer switches for lights so that they turn on when it gets dark, or asking a trusted neighbour to remove mail and draw curtains.

It is also important to cancel deliveries of milk and newspapers and even consider moving certain items, such as TVs and stereos, out of sight.