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Caravan safety checks are 'vital'

Posted by Greg Throughton

It is vital that people with accessories and equipment for your caravan check their tyres before setting off on an adventure this summer, according to Protyre.

The UK's leading independent tyre dealer network said that in the coming weeks, a significant proportion of Britain's two million caravan owners will be taking the road, perhaps for the first time this year.

It warned that before setting off, owners must make some basic safety checks to protect themselves from the detrimental effect out-of-season storage can have on mobile homes.

"Carefully examine tyres to ensure that there are no cuts, lumps or bulges and that the sidewalls are sound and not affected by ozone cracking or distortion through being left standing for an extended period," Protyre advised.

The comments follow recommendations from Waynne Smith, senior partner at TorqueCars.com, who said that vehicle maintenance should be regular and ongoing.

He said that brake fluid should be checked annually, while tyres ought to be constantly monitored.