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Caravan taps customers may be drawn to Wales

Posted by Linda Davidson.

Caravan taps customers with a fondness for caravanning in Wales will be delighted to know plans are in place to develop a new caravan park there.

A stretch of land at the back of the Hogs Head Pub at Great Treadam Farm, near Abergavenny, has been earmarked, according to the South Wales Argus.

The developer, Graham Jones, wants to create a park big enough for 46 mobile caravans, close to the pub and nearby barn used for social functions.

Each plot would accommodate a regular-sized caravan and provide intimacy by tall trees providing cover.

The news provider said Mr Jones hopes that the proposed development of the park would help bring tourism to the area, as walkers, bikers and general visitors are often in the area.

The application is under consideration by the local council.

Earlier this month it was reported that Barry Island, also in Wales, would considerably benefit from a new caravan park.