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Caravan taps news: Owners focusing on kitchen accessories

Posted by Freddy Morton

People who are suffering tighter wallets during the recession continue to be interested in improving their motor home's kitchens, which include buying caravan taps.


Jochen Thomas, director of itzkitchenuk.com, has highlighted the fact that this is one area that caravanners are still keen to make unique.


He said that many of the traditional options for kitchen equipment are being shunned in favour of new and inventive designs.


"They want certain things in their kitchen that they don't really need but they want. They want them in a way that will fit in with their kitchen so [they must be] colour coordinated," he explained.


Mr Thomas added that quirkier products are also gaining in popularity, with many people looking for inventive twists on classic kitchen items such as oven gloves.


Earlier this month, Out & About Live reported that the caravan industry is currently booming, with attendance at industry event Caravan Salon Dusseldorf seeing better-than-anticipated sales and visitor numbers.