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Caravan used as giant camera obscura

Posted by Freddy Morton

A Hungarian photographer, who turned a caravan into a giant camera obscura to capture images, has won the prestigious BMW-Paris photography prize at the Paris Photo fair.

The winning image, of industrial agricultural greenhouses, was taken by artist Gabor Isz under the Electric Vision theme and is titled Permanent Daylight.

According to CNN International, Isz punched a small hole in his caravan to direct light onto photosensitive material he had hung inside it.

Over four successive nights, light emanating from the greenhouses passed through the hole in the caravan and created an image on the paper.

The image was among 20 finalists shortlisted for the annual prize, which was established in 2004 to support contemporary photography.

Photography historian and jury member, Michel Frizot said: "The originality of Gabor Isz's practice is unlike certain standards of today.

"His image seems to us to be totally in tune with the theme."

A rare picture of a tigress and its offspring in their natural habitat recently won the grand prize in BBC Wildlife Magazine's global camera-trap photography competition.