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Caravanners told to check brake lights

Posted by Freddy Morton

Caravan rooflights owners should be very vigilant when it comes to checking brake lights, according to used car retailer carsite.co.uk.

Research has suggested that around 2.5 million vehicles on the road in the UK today could be missing at least one brake light, which makes them a danger to their drivers and other road users.

John Guess of carsite.co.uk, said: "The real problem is that people don't realise they have a faulty brake light, it's a major concern with potentially fatal consequences."

He added that drivers should check the function of all of their lights with a colleague or family member at least once a week.

Travelling without brake lights could contribute to accidents as other drivers fail to identify that the vehicle in front is slowing down, the offence also carries a £60 fine and penalty points.

Caravan rooflights owners were recently advised by TyreSafe to check tyres regularly to ensure they are fit for the road and also to improve fuel consumption and passenger comfort.