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Caravanners warned of pothole dangers

Posted by Freddy Morton

Following the harsh winter weather experienced in the UK caravan rooflights owners heading off on a caravanning holiday have been warned of the dangers of potholes.

Many councils are currently preparing to repair the thousands of potholes that have opened up across the UK but budget cuts may lead to some going unrepaired, according to road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist.

David Williams, MBE, chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist said: "Councils are working under severe budget constraints and we believe that priorities may be quite different this year when it comes to dealing with issues such as potholes."

He urged drivers to stay alert on the roads and where possible report serious potholes to their local council.

GEM Motoring Assist urged drivers to keep their distance from vehicles in front as motorists often brake suddenly if they spot a pothole too late, which increases the risk of accidents.

The AA recently said that some of Britain's roads are on borrowed time after potholes, snow and heavy rain have produced some of the "worst driving conditions imaginable".