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Celebrity chefs overshadowing the food experience in the south-west

Posted by Linda Davidson

People who like to rustle up culinary masterpieces on their caravan hobs and cookers will be interested to hear that the food experience in the south-west has been overshadowed by celebrity chefs in the region.

Oliver Berry, the Lonely Plant author of Devon, Cornwall and Southwest England, said that many people simply weren't aware of the region's culinary offerings.

He noted: "What's tended to happen in the past is that the fact that there are celebrity chefs, including Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Gary Rhodes, have tended to overshadow that fact that there is a much more diverse range of food experiences in the south-west."

The guide, which was published earlier this week, revealed that a number of young talented local chefs have helped the cuisine in the south west rival that of the capital.

Mr Berry added that farm shops and local food shops, bakers and fish and chip shops are an important part of the south west culture and all offer great food experiences.

It was recently revealed that London is now home to 53 Michelin starred restaurants, including those run by Gordon Ramsay, Helene Darroze and Alan Ducasse.