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Cotswolds has a lot to offer families

Posted by Linda Davidson

Owners of Propex Caravan water heaters planning a UK holiday should consider the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean, it has been claimed.

Chris Dee, tourism manager for Cotswolds and Forest of Dean Tourism, said that the region is an ideal place for a family holiday, as it has an unusually long season from spring to autumn.

He added that the recent trend for staycationing is increasing the popularity of the area even further.

"There are no theme parks here and probably never will be – and yet the Cotswolds area is becoming a hot destination for families. Visitors are after real experiences that bring families together," Mr Dee explained.

Local nature reserves, the Cotswold Water Park and a plethora of village fetes ensure that there is always something exciting for families to take part in, he expanded.

The Forest of Dean's unusual location, nestled between two rivers, and its hilly terrain have worked together to make sure the area has maintained its land use, culture and heritage, claimed the Forest of Dean Tourist Information and Travel Guide.