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County Durham pub to open a caravan site

Posted by Greg Throughton

Caravan refrigeration owners may be interested to hear that a village pub in Eggleston, County Durham, has won its battle to use an adjoining field as a caravan site despite protests from neighbours.

The Moorcock Inn has been granted permission by councillors to host caravanners in the village for a maximum of 28 days a year for the next three years, according to the Teesdale Mercury.

Landlord Mark Reynolds told councillors that the site will keep business going at the 160-year-old inn during tough times for the pub trade.

Residents objected to the facility being given the green light as a result of the behaviour of some previous campers, who had used the field as an unofficial campsite, stating that the site would have an "horrendous impact" on their lives.

Neighbour Kevin Sellwood, told the newspaper: "Caravanners have the opportunity to be parked up next door to the pub, drink to their hearts’ content and not worry about driving.

"They make the most of this and do not take into consideration the impact it has on nearby residents."

In other news, plans have been announced to create a caravan site adjacent to Dyffryn House and Garden in the Vale of Glamorgan in a bid to attract more visitors to the isolated attraction.