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Department for Transport launches A14 Challenge

Posted by Freddy Morton

Drivers and owners of home-from-home appliances and accessories such as a 12v television have been invited to offer a solution to high levels of congestion seen on roads in the East Anglia

The Department for Transport has announced the A14 Challenge [comma] that which aims to find a traffic management system to ease the strain on the road as well as increase its capacity.

Mike Penning, transport minister, said: "This is far from being a study about what the problems are - they have been studied before and are well known. This is a great opportunity for local stakeholders to shape the solution."

He added that ideas from those who use the roads could be a useful addition to plans in the pipeline - including the implementation of toll roads.

A £1.2 billion plan to introduce a traffic flow solution was recently halted as it was deemed too expensive by government officials.

The M6 toll road is the most well known and it is described as a convenient and reliable alternative to congested roads in the Midlands by m6toll.co.uk.