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Don't be a target for burglars, expert warns

Posted by Freddy Morton

Those going away for a holiday with their Smev caravan hobs and cookers must make sure their home is not a target for thieves, Gocompare.com has warned.

Phil Paterson-Fox, head of home services at the comparison website, warned that people must check their home insurance policies before heading off on their holiday, as most companies will have a limit on how many consecutive days they will cover an unoccupied property for.

He also insisted that homeowners need to take reasonable precautions to avoid being broken into, so all windows and doors must be closed and locked.

"Doing things like stopping your newspaper delivery, asking a neighbour to collect your post and open and close curtains, and using timers to turn on the TV or lights at certain times of the day can make your home far less attractive," Mr Paterson-Fox added.

His comments follow research by esure which revealed that a third of homeowners ask a neighbour to open and close curtains for them while they are away, while ten per cent leave the TV on.