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Don't risk a fine or worse, warns ATS Euromaster

Posted by Greg Throughton

Ahead of Tyre Safety Month in October, owners of Whale caravan taps and other motorists have been urged to pay attention to the condition of their tyres.

ATS Euromaster has warned that drivers face a £2,500 fine and three penalty points for each illegal tyre if stopped by police, but could also encounter the worse scenario of a major accident if not.

It warned that as the tyre is the only part of the car in direct contact with the ground, it is imperative that their condition is regularly checked to make sure they are in a good condition.

Illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres were a contributory factor in 860 accidents in 2009, 17 of which were fatal and 165 serious.

"If you drive a car or van then you must inspect the overall condition of your tyres, the tread depths and pressures at least once a month and before any long journey. If in any doubt, you can visit one of our centres and we'll do it for free," said Chris Hufflett, group operations director at ATS Euromaster.

IAM Drive & Survive head of training Simon Elstow also warned that the wet weather can make roads slippery and increase breaking distances.