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Drivers 'cause around 500 accidents each day through reversing'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Drivers and owners of a Truma caravan water heater could cause up to 500 accidents a day by carelessly reversing their vehicle, a new report has revealed.

Research by Accident Exchange has found that a total of £409 million worth of damage is caused by reversing into obstructions.

Lee Woodley of Accident Exchange said: "Despite the proliferation of technology such as parking sensors and reverse cameras, drivers are not taking enough care to accurately check their surroundings whilst reversing."

He added that some drivers are being too "mollycoddled" by hi-tech devices in a car such as motion sensors that help to signal when something is behind the vehicle.

Data from the report showed that there are almost 200,000 accidents each year as a result of crashes from reversing into another vehicle or large object.

Drivers are also putting themselves at risk during winter by not clearing their windscreens of ice in the mornings, as an Accident Exchange study found 37 per cent of motorists fail to do so.