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Drivers 'ignorant' of winter tyre benefits

Posted by Greg Throughton

The nights are getting longer and the temperatures are dropping, meaning that motorists and owners of caravan accessories have got treacherous winter conditions to look forward to.

However, a recent survey by online tyre retailer mytres.co.uk revealed that the majority of British drivers have little or no knowledge of the benefits that winter tyres can offer.

It found that only six per cent of motorists questioned said they would consider buying winter tyres, while 37 per cent don't even know what they are and 31 per cent would not know where to find them.

Winter tyres improve traction in snow and icy conditions, offer better stopping distances and improved performance in temperatures below seven degrees C.

What Car? claimed that winter tyres could even save the lives of motorists.

"Winter tyres make for much safer winter driving, so we would encourage all motorists to change their tyres in the colder months. Used in this way a set of winter tyres will last motorists several years," said What Car? editor-in-chief Chas Hallett.