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Drivers in London may face more charges during Olympics

Posted by Greg Throughton

Drivers taking their caravans with a 12v TV to London for the Olympic Games next year may face charges if towing in the centre of the city.

Plans by London Councils to extend the Olympic Route Network (ORN) are under consideration and if the change were to go ahead, more charges for stopping at the roadside would also be in place.

One organisation has said that the decision to charge even more than the £200 fine in extended areas is unjustified and that it will cause more distress for drivers travelling to and from the sporting venues.

The Freight Transport Association's head of policy for London Natalie Chapman added: " We all know that next summer is going to pose an enormous challenge for the transport sector already – the last thing it needs are further financial burdens.."

In October, London mayor Boris Johnson said that there are to be no driving bans during the Games to make it easier for commuters to get around.