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Drivers must be prepared for surface water

Posted by Linda Davidson

As the winter weather approaches, owners of Smev caravan hobs and cookers will be aware that rain can have a dramatic impact on driving conditions.

Mytyres.co.uk, part of Europe's leading online tyre retailer Delticom, explained that autumn and winter presents drivers with some of their biggest challenges, including heavy rain, gusty winds and falling leaves which combine to turn the road into a skidpan.

The organisation warned that the rainfall forecast for this time of year often results in water collecting on the road, increasing the likelihood of aquaplaning – when the tyres lose contact with the road surface.

Ensuring that tyres have an adequate tread depth is one of the main tools motorists have at their disposal to prevent aquaplaning.

If drivers do aquaplane, they are advised to stay calm and take their foot off the accelerator but fight the temptation to turn the steering wheel or touch the brake.