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Drivers 'should stay away from second-hand tyres'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Drivers and those who own a Waeco caravan fridge should be advised not to buy part-worn tyres, one expert states.

The Tyre Industry Council suggested that purchasing second-hand tyres is potentially dangerous and a waste of money which could be spent on new, high-quality replacements or campervan devices and accessories.

Reports from the organisation showed there is a growing number of people fitting part worn or second-hand tyres, which could compromise the safety of the vehicle.

A spokesman for Mytyres.co.uk, part of Europe's leading online tyre retail group, Delticom, said that companies should assess the risk of buying part-worn tyres, which are often not well enough equipped to deal with slippy roads during winter weather.

"They may look okay but it is impossible to establish if they have any internal damage which could possibly result in a blow out or failure at speed," he added.

According to legal guidelines, tyre tread must be a minimum of 1.6mm but it is advised that this be increased during winter to 3mm.