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Eco-driving could save motorists £300 per year

Posted by Linda Davidson

The average motorist, including those with Dometic caravan fridges, could save up to £300 a year just by altering the way they drive.

Research by Continental Tyres found that using eco-driving techniques could save over £1 billion per year for UK drivers, breaking down to £18,000 over the driving lifetime of a motorist.

It also revealed that although 90 per cent of people are concerned about rising fuel costs, 40 per cent admit to knowing nothing about eco driving.

"As fuel costs continue to rise, affordable motoring is a big concern. By making minor alterations to your driving technique and doing regular basic checks such as tyre pressure, motorists can save hundreds of pounds a year," said Tim Bailey, a driving expert at the tyre firm.

Meanwhile, people with Dometic caravan fridges were also advised that Thatcham, the motor insurance repair research centre, has unveiled new technology that will save lives and prevent injury on the roads.