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Electric vehicles 'to become mainstream'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Drivers and owners of Truma caravan water heaters may look to invest in electrically powered cars as they are soon set to become mainstream.

TheElectricCarGuide.com said that eco-friendly cars using electricity as a main source of power will become very popular with the average car buyer over the next few years.

Michael Boxwell, author of the 2011 Electric Car Guide and editor of theElectricCarGuide.com, said: "Long term, I suspect electric power will become mainstream for smaller cars - anything up to Ford Focus size. They will also be popular for delivery vehicles. Beyond that, the efficiencies are questionable."

Mr Boxwell attributed the predicted success to the ever-increasing cost of petrol.

He added that fuel in the form of methanol is also set to become more common as it too is good for the environment. This type of fuel is made from naturally occurring algae, which is the fastest growing plant in the world and easily harvested.

MSN Motoring said that the Kia Rio 1.1 Ecodynamics is the most economical petrol car currently on the market.