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'Fall back in love with service stations', motorists urged

Posted by Linda Davidson

People setting off on a long journey with their Reich Caravan Taps have been urged to fall back in love with service stations.

Research by Confused.com has revealed that 79 per cent of drivers are not taking sufficient breaks on the road, with one in seven admitting they would not stop on a four hour journey.

However, Dr Joan Harvey, chartered psychologist at Newcastle University, said that this can be very dangerous.

"When driving on motorways, or other monotonous roads, a motorist's maximum concentration level is only maintained for 20-30 minutes, after this time they will start to become bored and will drive on 'auto-pilot'," she explained.

Confused.com found that 58 per cent of motorists are 'pit-stop and pee' service station users, while 12 per cent stop to have a meal and 11 per cent stop only to stretch their legs before getting back on the road.

But a huge 32 per cent of drivers actively avoid stopping when on a long journey.