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Family holiday planning 'can be hard'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Owners of Cramer caravan hobs and cookers may be finding it difficult to find a child-friendly family holiday, according to Conrad Doyle, co-founder of childfriendly.co.uk.

Aviva recently revealed that 94 per cent of children in the UK have been on holiday abroad before the age of 16.

Their parents however were much less likely to have been abroad as children, with just 39 per cent claiming to have vacationed overseas before they hit the same age.

Mr Doyle said that a lot of research is involved in finding a holiday that is suitable for both parents and children.

"There are people that do look for the facilities that will enable the parents to have a relaxing escape knowing that the kids can have fun too," he explained.

In this way they "can have two or three hours during the day where they can actually relax and enjoy the holiday too," Mr Doyle added.