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Film industry is boosting British tourism

 Posted by Freddy Morton

People with Vaillant caravan water heaters have been told that films showcasing life in Britain are boosting UK tourism.

According to new VisitBritain statistics, blockbusters are the reason that 40 per cent of tourists want to visit places within the UK.

Chief executive Sandie Dawe said that a successful film can expect to gather audiences of around 120 million people globally and a significant number will then seek to visit places features in the movies.

She cited the recent Robin Hood film, staring Russell Crowe, as an example as, following the release of the flick, Nottingham experienced a 5.5 per cent increase in visitors.

And the Harry Potter series boosted visitor numbers at Alnwick castle by 230 per cent.

"The link between tourism and films is a potent one and one that we must continue to exploit. Just under half of our potential visitors to Britain want to visit places they have seen featured in films or TV," Ms Dawe said.

VisitBritain recently welcomed the Government Tourism Policy which aims to attract tourists to the country.