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Foggy conditions 'should encourage drivers to be more cautious'

Posted by Greg Throughton

Drivers and owners of Thetford caravan refrigeration units should take caution when driving in foggy weather conditions, one motoring school has advised in its latest seminar.

IAM Drive & Survive has released its latest tips in a series of safety advice sessions and suggested that drivers should take action to ensure that they keep themselves and other road users safe.

Simon Elstow, leader of the programme, said: "Don't underestimate the effect fog has on your perception of speed. Adjusting your driving to the weather conditions will help you to become a better driver."

Drivers should clean the windscreen of their vehicles for clear visibility and make sure that fog lights are in working order, he added.

Mr Elstow also mentioned that by following simple tips and being extra cautious, safety on the road can be fully maintained.

IAM Drive & Survive has previously released safety information for drivers who may make journeys in wet and snowy conditions.