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Gas checks 'are vital before the winter months'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Owners of Truma caravan water heaters should spend time checking gas safety in the run-up to winter, an expert has advised.

Gas Safe Register suggested that people who are starting to use their heating systems due to the incoming colder weather should make sure essential maintenance checks are done prior to their use.

Jeff Learman, director of communications at Gas Safe Register, said: "If you haven't had your appliances checked there might very well be problems with that equipment that you simply don't know about."

He added that people should be aware of hidden problems that could cause carbon monoxide leakages.

The independent Hills Fuel Poverty Review found that 2,700 people die every year due to fuel poverty in the home where they were struggling to keep their houses warm at a reasonable cost.

Fuel poverty in England and Wales represents a major problem to communities, according to the review.