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Germany is ideal for city holidays

Posted by Freddy Morton

The popularity of city breaks in Munich and Berlin has taken off in the last few years, those with Thetford caravan fridges were told.

Coralie Modschiedler, commissioning editor at Columbus Travel Media, said that while Germany remains a popular travel destination, it gets a bad press and often loses out on British tourism to Spain and France.

"Berlin are really becoming more and more popular, however. A lot of people go there - it's got a great nightlife. It's a massive city and you've got something for everyone," Ms Modschiedler said.

She explained that 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the city is still finding its feet but the great mix of old and new buildings makes it ideal for exploring and perfect for city breaks.

Other German cities such as Stuttgart and Hannover are also worth seeing, she added.

People planning a visit to Stuttgart, may want to plan it to coincide with the famous Christmas Market which opens on November 23rd and is expected to bring in around four million people.