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Government to look at fuel price increase

Posted by Freddy Morton

David Cameron has promised to review the scheduled fuel price increase, which is good news for Valiant caravan water heaters owners planning a trip away in the future.

The prime minister said that with prices hitting £1.30 a litre, motorists were facing a "tough" time.

His comments come after protesters handed a 120,000-signature petition to the government calling for the proposed 1p rise in fuel duty not to be imposed to help motorists deal with the rising cost of living.

The change, due to come into force in April, comes on top of duty already costing 58.95p for every litre of petrol and the recent VAT rise from 17.5 to 20 per cent.

Current political instability in the Middle East combined with the rapidly escalating costs of fuel has led to the coalition government's backtrack.

"We will look at the fact that extra revenue comes to the Treasury when there's a higher oil price and see if we can share some of that benefit with the motorist," Mr Cameron said at Prime Minister's Question's.