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Headrests are key to car safety, says IAM

Posted by Freddy Morton

Motorists and those with Reich caravan taps should ensure that they check their headrests before getting in the car.

Simon Elstow, head of training at IAM Drive & Survive, explained that headrests play a key role in protecting car occupants from the effects of whiplash should they be involved in a crash.

He suggested that before each journey, the driver and passengers should ensure that the upper part of their headrest is level with the top of their head, while making sure it is as close to the back of the head as possible while in a sitting position.

As headrests can reduce visibility, drivers should take this into account when reversing and manoeuvring.

"Not all head restraints are adjustable, but where they are, make sure they are placed high and close enough to stop your head going backwards if you crash," said Mr Elstow.

Meanwhile, road safety charity Brake has warned that one in every 60 young men experience a road crash involving the death or serious injury of themselves, a passenger or another road user.