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Higher carbon pricing 'would make drivers consider eco-cars'

Posted by Freddy Morton

Drivers and owners of a caravan TV may see an increase in fuel costs if one expert's claims get the go-ahead.

The Energy Services and Technology Association suggested that people may be more encouraged to invest in eco-friendly vehicles if prices for carbon are higher.

Alan Aldridge, executive director at the company, said: "Our assumption is that at some point over the last couple of years, British industry has found it more economic to go and buy emissions [permits] than to reduce them."

He added that the country is not doing enough to meet carbon reduction targets and that people must begin to do more to change the way carbon is used.

Currently, carbon costs around 11 (£9.40) per tonne but Mr Aldridge suggested that this should be raised to €50.

Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, mentioned at a recent conference that the government must concentrate more on reaching goals for using renewable energy sources.