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How to deal with a breakdown

Posted by Freddy Morton

A breakdown never fails to ruin a journey anywhere and with the last week or so of the summer holidays left, owners of Whale caravan taps could still find themselves stuck on a roadside.

Luckily, the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) Drive & Survive's head of training, Simon Elstow, is on hand to give advice about what to do should motorists find themselves breaking down.

He suggested that people need to plan ahead and travel with a reflective jacket, warm waterproof clothes and a torch.

It is also wise to store the number of a breakdown service in a mobile phone address book.

"Having a well-maintained car is the easiest way to avoid breaking down. Check your tyres, lights and oil regularly. If you hear strange noises or feel something is not quite right with the car, get it looked at – don't wait for it to go wrong," Mr Elstow said.

It is essential to get to the hard shoulder or as far left as possible as soon as the driver thinks something is wrong.