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IAM advises summer vehicle maintenance

Posted by Linda Davidson

Motorists, including those with Carver caravan water heaters, have been given advice to get their vehicles in a tip-top state for the summer.

Simon Elstow, top instructor at driver training specialist IAM Drive & Survive, suggested that most cars will need a bit of TLC following the recent harsh winter.

As the freezing temperatures left many roads with more potholes than usual, he advised motorists to check their wheel and tyre alignment, as misaligned tyres wear out unevenly and at a faster rate.

He added that hay fever sufferers may need to replace the pollen filter in their air-conditioning once a year to keep in-car symptoms at bay, and suggested that a regular service of the system can prevent build ups of mould.

"After a long winter of wear and tear from snow, salt and potholes, your vehicle needs attention. Preparing for the summer and making checks now will save money in the long run," said Mr Elstow.

Recently, the IAM revealed that a study of UK motorists found 70 per cent were in favour of increasing speed limits on the motorway.