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IAM hopes to improve driver safety

Posted by Greg Throughton

A road safety charity has told users of accessories and apparatus for your camper van that it has launched a campaign to reduce road deaths.

IAM (the Institute of Advanced Motorists) has proposed that the road safety industry should cut road deaths to 1,000 a year by 2020, which would save 1,000 lives over the next nine years.

The charity believes that improving driver and rider behaviour is the key behind this change as the vast majority of crashes are caused by lapses in concentration or human error.

"Cars and roads are getting safer so it's time to concentrate on the driver," said IAM chief executive Simon Best.

"We believe that over 1,000 lives can be saved in the next decade by continued partnership between government, local authorities, enforcement agencies and education bodies," he added.

The road charity also recently warned that cuts to road safety budgets is a short-sighted economy as it will cost money and lives.