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IAM: Stay aware to be a better driver

Posted by Freddy Morton

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has offered owners of Spinflo caravan hobs and cookers tips for better driving.

Head of driver training at the company, Simon Elstow said that small things such as looking further ahead and anticipating problems before they develop can significantly reduce trouble on the road.

He added that stopping distances are essential and provide drivers with a better chance of avoiding a crash and suggested that motorists obey the two-second rule.

"Spot a marker ahead … and wait until the vehicle ahead of you goes past it. Then say to yourself 'only a fool breaks the two-second rule'. If you are at the marker before you have finished, you are too close. Double it if the road is wet," he advised.

Mr Elstow said that there is no substitute for advanced training but taking care can make the difference between being in an accident and avoiding it.

The driving safety organisation also recently advised that motorists ensure their tyre pressure is correct.