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Keep calm on the roads

Posted by Freddy Morton

Thousands of families, including those with equipment and accessories for your 'van, are likely to hit the road this bank holiday weekend causing the potential for traffic jams and frustration.

As a result, road safety charity Brake has teamed up with Direct Line to urge motorists to stay calm on the roads.

They explained that allowing stress or passengers to distract drivers could have disastrous consequences.

It comes as research reveals that 60 per cent of people have driven while not concentrating because they felt stressed, annoyed or upset because of the behaviour of other road users and an additional 44 per cent of drivers have lost concentration because they were thinking about personal issues that made them feel stressed, annoyed or upset.

"There is no easy solution to prevent being distracted by stress when you're behind the wheel. We advise motorists to plan ahead to try and avoid stressful routes and to take regular breaks if you're feeling distracted," suggested Andy Goldby, director of motor underwriting at Direct Line.

Roads Minister Mike Penning has however said that every effort will be taken to suspend or complete roadworks to prevent bank holiday congestion.