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Make financial arrangements before taking caravan abroad

Caravan owners planning to join the thousands of Brits looking to take overseas summer holidays over the coming months may want to ensure their preparations cover all bases.

Many will be thinking of caravan refrigeration in anticipation of hot weather, but their preparations could be spoilt if they fail to pay proper attention to arranging their overseas spending money.

According to Moneyfacts.co.uk, although using a credit or debit card abroad may be the easiest and convenient way for many, significant cost savings can be made by avoiding them.

Those investing in Dometic fridges for caravans should ensure they shop around before driving out of the country as this will leave them "more in control of getting the best rate", according the website's spokesperson Michelle Slade.

"Customers taking out cash need to be aware of minimum charges. If you withdraw lots of small amounts you will be hardest hit, so it may be worth planning a few days ahead for your financial requirements," she stated.

Holidaymakers should also familiarise themselves with the highway code of whatever destination they plan to drive to.

Posted by Linda Davidson