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Make use of caravan refrigeration to save money

Posted by Greg Throughton

In news that may be of interest to those investing in new caravan refrigeration in preparation for a UK holiday, Brits can save hundreds of pounds by purchasing food from supermarkets rather than buying on the move.

According to travelsupermarket.com, prices at motorway service stations can be up to 408 per cent higher than in supermarkets as a 500ml bottle of water was found to be £1.27 when it costs just 25p at a supermarket.

Basic sandwiches, crisps, a chocolate bar and a drink would cost a family of four nearly £29, which is over £15 more than they would be charged in a supermarket, a study of 16 service stations revealed.

Commenting on the findings, travelsupermarket.com expert Bob Atkinson explained that "it might take a bit more time and effort but taking your own food and drink really does pay".

"It is consistently cheaper to buy snacks, drinks and sandwiches away from the motorway service station at a UK supermarket."

Those with Dometic coolboxes for caravans may want to heed the warning and stock up before setting out on their journey to avoid these charges.