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Matthew McConaughey 'loves his caravans'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Matthew McConaughey has told owners of Cramer caravan cookers & hobs that he loves renovating his caravans.

During an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show, the Hollywood actor said he loves doing up the caravans with his family, Cover Media reported.

"I was doing a bit of [renovation] but there are a lot of people a lot more handy with that stuff than I am. But I did most of the design. I broke a little bit of a sweat on it," he admitted.

McConaughey said that he has worked on his most recent acquisition, fondly dubbed The Smithsonian, for three years.

The star has three caravans to his name now, two of which permanently reside at his Malibu home and one to take on location, and said that his favourite pastime is hosting laid-back dinner parties out of them.

He joins British actress Linda Robson and Olympic athlete Jamie Baulch as one of many celebrity caravanners.