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Misaligned tyres could prove costly

Posted by Greg Throughton

Caravan taps owners may wish to get their tyre alignment checked as Protyre has warned that tyre misalignment could prove a drain on fuel.

Research carried out by Micheldever/Protyre found that out-of-alignment tyres require more energy to turn and therefore increase fuel consumption by around three per cent, costing drivers around £100 million per year.

Micheldever/Protyre retail director Simon Hiorns noted that potholes are a threat to drivers and could lead to tyre misalignment and suspension problems.

He added: "UK roads and repairs have not recovered totally from the snow and freezing winter weather of 2009/10 let alone the recent bout of ultra low temperatures and snow."

Following yet another harsh winter, tyre misalignment is expected to become more common due to the significant increase of the number of potholes on the UK's roads and Protyre has urged motorists to have their tyres checked regularly.

The AA recently said that some of Britain's roads are on borrowed time after potholes, snow and heavy rain have produced some of the "worst driving conditions imaginable".