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MoT reforms will increase repair bills

Posted by Greg Throughton

A reform of the MoT test will leave motorists and those with Comet caravan taps with increased repair bills, it has been claimed.

Auto Express has said that from next year new EU regulations will come into effect that will see equipment like electric seat adjustment motors, electronic stability control systems and factory-fitted tyre pressure monitoring systems added to the test for road worthiness.

From January 1st the new rules will come into place and won't just apply to new vehicles or systems that came as standard but they will apply to any vehicle that has them fitted.

The motoring magazine revealed that the cost of replacing some of these electronic systems can run into thousands of pounds.

AA President Edmund King said that it is important that the MoT keeps up with new technology but added: "Some people will be caught out unfairly because they were early adopters. A degree of flexibility with older vehicles would have been good."