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MOT testing at four years 'could be unsafe'

Posted by Greg Throughton

Drivers and those with Truma caravan water heaters may soon see a change to the MOT testing model, but one industry body has suggested it could be detrimental to road safety.

Under the current UK model, new cars are tested after three years of being on the road and every year thereafter, but EU rules state that the first test should only be after four years.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) found that 60 per cent of motorists would like to remain with the current system, whereas 29 per cent would be happy to revert to the EU model of four-two-two.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: "The government should commission a review to assure motorists that MOT tests are safe, reliable and consistent. The test should be for the benefit of road safety - not the garages that carry it out."

He added that a comparison between MOT failures and test frequency would need to taken before a change is made.

Currently, MOT testing looks at safety aspects of a car to make sure that features such as steering, seatbelt safety, core engine features and suspension are all in working order.